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VR/AR development studio

Borgo Interactive is home to passionate VR/AR developers and artists who work together in a non-traditional and stimulating working environment.
Borgo is an Italian company, operating in Vallo Della Lucania (Salerno). We are a highly innovative tech startup founded and owned by the creators of Cyberspline Games - the Canadian VR company, producer and publisher of VR games.



Drum to the rhythm of the music in VR with Pupa the cat! Visit beautiful environments, play with friends in multiplayer, easily download community levels, and unlock items through challenges to customize your cat and your experience in Boombox!


  • Healthcare & Wellness

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail, E-commerce & Advertising

  • Real Estate

  • Workforce Development

  • Education

What we do


We provide the majority of services in the Metaverse space.


We deliver hands-on VR tutoring programs.

Game Development

We provide game development and publishing support.

About us

Borgo Interactive is an AR/VR company that creates advanced augmented and virtual reality products applying our expert knowledge and understanding of modern technologies.

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